Mind Games

  • Are These Spoons Crossed? :
    Mind Game – The spoons can be substituted with anything that is handy. Hold up the spoons to the kids either crossed or uncrossed (the spoons don’t really matter). Ask them whether they are crossed. They’ll be flabbergasted when you are holding up two crossed spoons and you swear they aren’t crossed. The trick is when some part of your body is crossed, the spoons are crossed. (preferably a noticeable one like your legs or arms, fingers don’t really do the trick)
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  • Black Magic :
    Mind Game -Again have one partner go away and let the kids pick an object in the room. When the other person comes back, go around the room and point at object asking, “Is this it?”, “How about bob’s necklace,” Your partner should respond with no to each one until you point to something black. The object after the black object is the one the kids picked.
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  • Cahoots :
    Mind Game – This is a twist on black magic. While one partner is gone, get the kids to pick an object. When the partner comes back ask them if you are “In Cahoots.” They will respond with a no. Hopefully the kids will have quieted down and are paying attention to you. Go back and forth a bit asking if you are “in Cahoots.” Eventually someone will get impatient and talk. The person who talked is the new “trigger.” Go around guessing objects again, but this time, guess an object on the ‘trigger’s” person before guessing the real object.
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  • Chinese Numbers :
    Mind Game -Gather some random objects. (i.e. sticks, silverware, cuppies, basically anything will work.) Make some pattern on the table with them. Tell them that the pattern signifies a number and that they have to guess it. The number is however many fingers you have on the table. Keep changing up the pattern to drive them crazy.
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  • Johnny Johnny :
    Mind Game -This one can drive kids crazy for days. The leader puts up their hand, fingers spread apart. Then they say “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Whooops Johnny, Whoops Johnny.” Touching the tip of each finger whenever you say Johnny and sliding your finger between your outstretched fingers whenever you say whoops. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you stay fairly consistent and you give off the impression how you do it matters. After that clasp your hands together. Then ask the kids to repeat what you just did. Unless they clasp their hands together, they did it wrong. Repeat until they finally figure out to repeat everything you do.
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  • Snaps :
    Mind Game -Convince the kids that you have a psychic link with your partner. Have one of the partners go away while the other one tells the kids to give them the name of someone famous. When the partner comes back it is time to telepathically transmit the name of that person. : How you do this: The person who knows the name says “This is a game of snaps” if they are going to start with the first name. “This is not a game of snaps” if they are starting with the last name, or “This may be a game of snaps” if the name is something like “Madonna” or “Barney”, someone with only one common name. After this anything that is said is a clue. If I said “Maybe you’ll get this,” my partner would know that the name starts with an ‘M’. Every consonant is passed on that way. For vowels you snap once for ‘A’, twice for ‘E’, three times for ‘I’, etc. If they haven’t caught on to the person by the end of one of the first name, you can always go on to the last name (or vice versa)
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  • What’s in my Frying Pan? :
    Mind Game – There are many ways to play this and many different names it goes by. It is basically just variations on a theme. You create a rule, like double letters, and the kids have to guess what the rule is. You’d ask them “What’s in my frying pan”. If they respond with “eggs”, you’d tell them they are right, if they said bacon, they would be wrong. Other Names: Bobby’s World, Going to the Beach.
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  • Who’s Triangle Is It? :
    Mind Game -(Click Click Boom, or: Squirt, Squirt)- The leader should point to the noses of three people in the group saying, “There’s a triangle that goes from my nose, to bob’s nose, and then to Sally’s nose. Who’s triangle is it?” The triangle belongs to whom ever talks first.
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